120 million units worth Rs 1.20 billion of Sanima Equity Fund issues from today

Kathmandu: Sanima Equity Fund is floating its public issue of 120 million unit shares worth Rs. 1.20 billion from Tuesday.

Sanima Equity Fund is a closed-end 7-years equity oriented mutual fund scheme with fund size of Rs 1.20 billion. The mutual fund is managed by Sanima Capital Limited and Sanima Bank Limited is its fund sponsor.

The offer will close on Friday (Mangsir 15, 2074) at the earliest.

Interested people must apply for a minimum of 100 units of share and they can apply for up to 2,400,000 unit of shares.

The mutual fund will be issuing a total of 120 million unit of ordinary shares worth Rs 1.20 billionat face value of Rs 10 per unit.

Interested applicants can apply through ASBA-approved banks from all 75 districts across the country.