Capital market suffers double-digit fall over the week


Kathmandu: Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index has posted a double-digit fall over the week.

The NEPSE index dropped by 11.95 points to close at 1,617.81 points over the week compared to last week.

However, the transaction amount has increased by 8.45 per cent to Rs. 3.31 billion over the week compared to last week’s transaction.

A total of 175 companies traded their 1.48 billion shares in 40,183 transactions to make a turnover of Rs. 3.31 billion over the week, according to NEPSE report.

Last week, NEPSE traded 8.44 million shares in 27,466 transactions made a turnover of Rs. 3.05 billion.

The sensitive index, which measured the transaction of group ‘A’ companies, also recorded fall of 2.4 points to close at 339.94 points over the week.

Sub-indices of all groups except other group decreased this week.

The sub-indices of insurance and manufacturing group dropped with highest points of 54.31 points and 34.8 points to close at 9,187.67 points and 2,593.91 points respectively.

Likewise, the sub-indices of hotel, hydropower, development banks, commercial bank and finance group also went down by 29.77 points, 5.95 points, 13.11 points, 15 points and 7 points respectively.

However, the sub-indices of other group made a double-digit growth of 10.41 points to close at 723.91 points.

There was no saw the transaction of trading group over the week.

According to NEPSE report, Prime Life Insurance Company Limited occupied first position in terms of total turnover (Rs. 197.5million) and Himalayan Power Partner Limited secured first position in terms of transaction numbers (11,889 times).

Likewise, Siddhartha Investment Growth Scheme-I secured first position in terms of number of share transaction (3,623,000 shares).

The other companies that stood second, third, fourth and fifth position in terms of total turnover are Nepal Bank Limited ( Rs. 145.82 million), Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited (Rs. 105.53 points), Citizen Bank International Limited (Rs.104.93 million) and Siddhartha Investment Growth Scheme I (Rs. 98 million) respectively.