CPN-UML, Maoist Centre and Naya Shakti announce leftist alliance

Kathmandu: The main opposition party CPN-UML, the governing CPN-Maoist (Center) and Naya Shakti party Tuesday inked a six-point agreement on forging an electoral alliance for contesting the upcoming federal and provincial elections and eventually to form an unified communist party.


Chiefs of the three parties — K.P Sharma Oli from CPN-UML, Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda from CPN-Maoist (Centre) and Coordinator Dr Baburam Bhattarai from Naya Shakti party– have signed the agreement organising a press conference this evening at the City Hall, Brikutimandap.


The three parties chiefs have also agreed to unify the parties formally only after the completion of the federal and provincial elections.


As per the agreement reached, UML and CPN-Maoist (Centre) have shared 60 and 40 percent of filing candidacies respectively in the elections.


The UML- Maoist alliance has decided to allocate necessary seats for Naya Shakti and other leftist parties as per the agreement.


The agreement also mentions the announcement of unification of three parties duly following the elections. The parties have also agreed on not making a negative comment to each other until the party unification.


An-eight member unification coordination committee has been formed for the unification of the party. The members include UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli, senior leader Madhav Nepal, Vice-Chairman Bamdev Gautam and Ishowr Pokharel.


Meanwhile, CPN-Maoist (Center) chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Narayan Kaji Shrestha and Ram Bahadur Thapa are in the committee from the Maoist. Baburam Bhattarai from Naya Shakti Nepal is also in the committee.


After election alliance, speaking at the news conference, CPN-Maoist Centre chairman Dahal said today’s agreement was 10 years back unfulfilled dream of his party’s initiation for the unification among the leftist wing.


“We would like to thank and greet all the communist leaders and remember those all martyrs who lost their lives in different political movement and their contribution for the parties,” Dahal said.


“This agreement is guided by historical necessity and urgency,” Dahal said. This agreement was not guided against any political parties as it is guided only for the national sovereignty, unity and prosperity, Dahal said.



CPN-UML chairman K.P Sharma Oli said their party focus was only concentrated towards garnering two-third majority in the upcoming elections after the leftist alliance. “Our party alliance in the elections is not guided against any party,” Oli said.  “Garnering just a general majority would not deserve much value thus we are now focusing to garner two-third majority in the upcoming election and this agreement is guided to this direction,” Oli clarified.


Oli claimed that the new leftist-led government would be formed within this 2074 B.S.



Baburam Bhattarai of co-coordinator of Naya Shakti party termed that the agreement has paved a new political course in the history of leftist political parties.


Vie through own party election symbol


Meanwhile, both the CPN-UML and CPN-Maoist (Centre) because of legal constraints have agreed to vie in the upcoming elections using its own election symbol, a bold sickle and hammer inside a circle by the Centre and the election symbol as ‘Sun’ by the CPN-UML.


Earlier, both the parties had agreed to contest the elections using UML’s election symbol, ‘Sun.’ These parties will now participate in the elections using separate election symbols following legal complication on using single election symbol.


According to leaders, the parties have agreed to contest the election using their own election symbols after complexities arouse over the recommendation of candidacies in the election as a new party could not be formed for now.