Fair price shops to open from September 1

Kathmandu: The government has planned to set up fair price shops with a view to provide necessary goods at discounted rates during festival season.

Fair price shops that are scheduled to open from September 1 at more than three dozen places, including nine in the Kathmandu Valley aiming to provide relief to the general people by offering essentials goods at discounted rates, said Urmila KC, under secretary at the Ministry of Supplies.

The public enterprises- Nepal Food Corporation (NFC) and Salt Trading Corporation (STC)—will run the integrated fair shops with the coordination of the Ministry of Supplies.

The public enterprises are operating the fair price shops in the country for the last couple of years during the great festival period with the view to provide necessary goods in the reasonable rates.

The entities will sell essentials goods, especially rice, pulses, ghee, oil, sugar and salt, at discounted rates for one and half months. The fair shops will continue until Chhath, she said.

She, however, said that the Ministry of Supplies is discussing with the concerned authorities including businessmen to open the fair price shops in other possible places to provide significant relief to them during the festival period.

The consumers will get discount Rs. 5 per kg on rice, Rs. 2 per kg on salt and Rs. 5 per kg on sugar at the fair price shops, she said.

According to Shankar Sapkota, spokesperson of NFC, said that the NFC plans to sell a different varieties of rice, wheat and pulses, offering a discount of Rs 5 per kg.

He clarified that the NFC will sell its products in discount rates with the direction of Ministry of Supplies because the government will compensate the offering discount amount.

Sapkota said that the NFC was planning to sell around 2,500 goats and mountain goats during the festival period, aiming to control the artificial price hikes of goats during the festival period.