Nepal Police hiring 98,268 temporary police, salary over Rs. 19,000

Kathmandu: Nepal Police is hiring 98,268 temporary police (myaadi  prahari) for the upcoming elections of House of Representatives and Province assembly scheduled for November 26 and December 7.

Issuing a public notice Tuesday, the Nepal Police Headquarters, Naxal called a vacancy from all interested Nepali citizens from 18-54-year-old.

“Citizens posing political background are prohibited from applying the vacancy,” Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Manoj Neupane, spokesperson of the Nepal Police.

The application began from Tuesday onwards and will last till September 16.

“Priority has been given to those who had already served the different security forces and also to all physically and mentally capable Nepali citizens,” DIG Neupane said. The applicants must be qualified at least to read and write Nepali language.

Application forms can be received from all the District Police Offices (DPOs) and the Metropolitan Police Ranges of Kathmandu Valley.

After applying for the recruitment, the Nepal Police will invite all the applicants to come into contact on September 18 in their respective application registered police offices.

The first round of selection processes will begin from September 22 to September 25. The final round of selection will take place on September 27.

“The job of theirs will be for 55 days right from their final selection days,” DIG Neupane said.

Each selected temporary police will receive a salary of Rs. 17,230 per month based on the salary scale of one serving Nepal Police personnel. Additionally, they will enjoy Rs. 250 as special allowance and Rs. 250 for food and launch only for seven days.

After the final selection round, their training of 12 days will begin from September 29 to October 10.

If in-case of any incident and injury of the temporary police, they can get Rs. 150,000 medical aid and in case of death of their, the government would provide them compensation of Rs. 1.5 million to their family members, said the Police Headquarters.

Likewise, the recruited temporary police will have to arrange the provided dress code by the Headquarters themselves and for this the government had arranged Rs. 4,000 as dress allowance.

On the day of their deployment to the respective pooling booths and centre, they will be provided Rs. 1,000 as travel fare.