NRB issues treasury bills worth Rs. 18 billion

Kathmandu: Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) on Sunday issued Treasury bills worth Rs. 18 billion.

Public Debt Management Department under the central bank has issued the treasury bills of 28-day, 91-day, 182-day and 364-day to obtain internal debt on behalf of the government.

The NRB sold 28-day treasury bill worth Rs. 2 billion and 91-day treasury bill worth Rs. 9 million, 182-day treasury bill worth Rs. 5 billion and 364-day treasury bill worth Rs. 2 billion through auction, according to the Treasury Bill Auction notice of the bank.

All interested parties were allowed to submit documents through online bidding system by Sunday.

The bank said that the treasury bills will be allocated to the winning bidders on December 26 (Tuesday).

“Discount earning is taxable. Out of total offered amount, 15 per cent was reserved for non-competitive bidders,” the notice said.

The 28-day treasury bill will mature on January 23 and 91-day on March 27, 2018. Likewise, the 182-day treasury bill will mature on June 26 and 364-day treasury bill will mature on December 25, 2018.