Paddy plantation completes only 84 per cent so far

Kathmandu: Paddy plantation has so far been carried out in around 84 per cent of total paddy field across the country.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MoAD), paddy plantation was completed in 1,303,000 hectares of land out of the total 1,552,000 by Wednesday.

“Late and weak monsoon are main reasons behind the low ratio of paddy plantation during the review period compared to same period last year,” said Sapkota.

He expressed his hope that the paddy plantation would be completed in more than 92 per cent of land this year. It was 95 per cent last year.

The paddy plantation was completed in 95.69 per cent (55,651 hectares) of land in the mountainous region, 91.49 per cent (365,662 hectares) in hilly region and 80.59 per cent (882,167 hectares) in Terai region, report said.

The mountainous region has around 58,158 hectares of land fit for the paddy cultivation, 399,675 hectares in hilly region and 1,094,636 hectares in the Terai.

Paddy plantation in Terai, the major source of paddy production, has remained quite low, he said.

Mahottari district has witnessed the lowest plantation- only around 45 per cent – to the date.

Likewise, Dhanusa, Sarlahi and Siraha districts have witnessed plantation only 50 per cent. However, Bara and Parsa have witnessed highest plantation of 99 per cent to the date. Similarly, 90 per cent plantation completed in Chitwan and Rauthahat districts.

There is no plantation of paddy in Manang and Mustang district out of 75 districts.