PM says NCC trainning must go across the districts

Kathmandu: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda Monday said that the training of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) should be decentralised in 75 districts of the country to produce skilled and trained human resources for the national development.

Prime Minister Prachanda gave a direction to all the line ministries to help the Nepalese Army (NA)'s initiative taken by the NCC of the Nepalese Army (NA) for the physical infrastructure and long-run operation of NCC course among the school youths in a decentralized approach.

“The training of NCC should be decentralised in 75 districts and for this all the lined-agencies of the government must co-operate the NA,” said the Prime Minister Prachanda, while addressing the 'Passing Out Parade' ceremony of 12th batch of the senior division training of NCC cadets in Lalitpur.

The function held at the Nepalese Army Physical Training and Sports Centre, Jawlakhel.

“Investment made in the human resources is not all a waste but it should be understood and perceived as investment for future,” said Prime Minister Prachanda.

The proposed planning of NCC for its expansion across the districts need to be taken seriously by the National Planning Commission, Ministry of Finance and other concerned ministries to produce skill human resources to combat during natural disaster, he said.  

On the occasion, Prime Minister Prachanda said that the country is dragging backward from development prospects due to lack of capable and skillful human resources.

He also said that youth force are the ultimate backbone of the country and its development and through their deployment the nation can be made prosperous.

The contribution made by the NCC in producing dedicated, disciplined, hardworking and nationalist deserve a meaningful national honour, said Prime Minister Prachanda.

On the occasion, both the girls and boys of newly graduated students of NCC performed various cultural shows and march pass.