Rs 5,000 allowance to senior citizen within five years


Kathmandu, June 26 (RSS): Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizens, Thamamaya Thapa, has said government has forwarded the process to amend Senior Citizen’s Act, set up senior citizens’ centre in each province, and arrange insurance facility to the senior citizens.

As promised earlier, the senior citizens would get the elderly allowance of Rs 5,000 every month within five years, she reminded.

In response to the queries raised by lawmakers on the appropriation bill in parliament on Tuesday, Minister Thapa said a special programme would be launched to control human trafficking and set up rehabilitation centre in various 10 districts across the country.

Efforts were on to ensure safety and security to the women going abroad for job; special campaign was initiated to eliminate ill social practice of Chhaupadi; effective campaign begun to end violence against women, for establishing rights of the disabled people.

Similarly, Minister Thapa shared that the Ministry was planning to replace the act on NGOs to organise the large number of NGOs and INGOs. For it, coordination from Home Minister was made to bring in line the expense of the NGOs with the priorities of the government.

The House of Representative will hold next meeting tomorrow.