Standing crops and fisheries worth Rs. 8.11 billion damaged in floods and landslides: MoAD

Kathmandu: The recent floods and landslides have caused immense damage to food grains, standing crops and fisheries in the Terai.

According to a preliminary report of the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MoAD), different kinds of standing crops and fishery worth more than Rs. 8.11 billion were damaged by the floods and landslides.

The ministry says paddy worth Rs. 3.18 billion, vegetables Rs. 2.96 billion and maize worth Rs. 240 million were destroyed in the floods.

Pulses worth Rs. 536 million, banana Rs. 36 million, oil Rs. 9.2 million, peanuts Rs. 2.9 million and turmeric powder worth Rs 340 million have also been lost.

Loss to fishery has been put at Rs. 800 million, the ministry report said.

The natural calamity caused damage to more than 272,630 hectares of arable land, including 236,131 hectares of paddy fields, in 31 districts.

Of it, around 78,515 hectares of land are said to be totally destroyed. This will reduce paddy production by 160,000 tons, the ministry said.

According to the preliminary report, around 197,693 tons of vegetables grown on 20,593 hectares of land have been destroyed.

Likewise, the floods damaged 1,334 hectares of fish ponds, in which 5,337 tons of fish worth Rs. 800 million were either killed or swept away.