Vegetables price soars in Valley as tomato crosses Rs. 100 per kg

Kathmandu: The price of green vegetables has been skyrocketing in the Kathmandu Valley for the last few couple of weeks due to a short supply of these items.

The supply of vegetables decreased significantly due to low production that led to a noticeable raise vegetables prices in the market.

According to Bhagawan Chandra Upreti, a wholesaler of Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Market Development Board (KFVMDB), prices of green vegetables increased by up to 80 per cent in the wholesale market due to decline in their supply.

However, the price of vegetables in retail market increased by two folds.

The supply of green vegetables decreased to 250 tons daily in the Kalimati market at present. A month ago, the supply had stood at 500 tons per day.

“Supply of vegetables from various parts of the country decreased due to low production.  However, vegetables are continued supplying from Dhading, Kavrepalanchowk and among others even in low quantity,” he said.

The import of vegetables from India has increased after declined in its production in the country, he said added that more than 100 tons of green vegetables from India is being imported on a daily basis.

However, the supply of potatoes has been increasing from various parts of the country that led to a decrease its price. More than 100 tons of potato is also being imported from India, Upreti said.

Upreti said that the price of vegetables has started decline for the last two days following the improvement in their supply.

He asked the consumers to be aware the wholesale price of vegetables and start bargaining with the retailers while buying vegetables.

“We, the consumers, are compelled to pay more price than the wholesale price of vegetables due to high profit market of retailers. But the government has not yet monitored the market,” said consumer Sarita Timalsina of Koteshwor.

She said that vegetables consumers were being cheated while buying daily kitchen items from the retailers as the retailers are taking benefit charging high profit showing short supply of them.

Another consumer Hari Rokka shared that the consumers were being cheated by vegetables retailers due to lack of monitoring.

“The retailers will increase price of vegetables significantly when its price increases in the wholesale market. However, they would not reduce price even if the wholesale price of such items  goes down,” he said.

“I brought a kilo of tomatoes at Rs. 110 per kg, and okra at Rs. 100 per kg on Saturday. But the wholesale price of tomatoes at Rs. 70 per kg and okra at Rs. 75 per kilo in wholesale market,”he said, “concerned bodies should monitor the market effectively to sell vegetables in line with the wholesale price”.

The consumers have compelled to cutoff their consumption due to high price, she said.

A vegetables retailer of Ghatthaghar Raj Kumar Shrestha said that price of vegetables increased by two folds in the Valley for the last few weeks due to short supply.

Shrestha claimed that retailers were not willing to sell vegetables by putting unnatural profit as they are selling vegetables in line with the wholesale market price.

“We have purchased vegetables in wholesale market in high rate at present. So, consumers have to pay more prices,” he said

In retail market, price of tomatoes is Rs. 110 per kg, onion Rs. 75 per kg, cucumber Rs. 80 per kg, cabbage Rs. 90 per kg, cauliflower Rs. 95 per kg, beans Rs. 100 per kg, carrot Rs. 100 per kg, okra at Rs. 110 per kg and pumpkin at Rs. 35 per kg.