Vegetables price reduce by 50 per cent in Valley

Kathmandu: The vegetables items have witnessed an appreciable decline in their prices for the past one week owing to an improving supply from various parts of the country and India.

The price of almost all green vegetable prices in the wholesale market have gone down by more than 50 per cent within a week, said Bhagawan Chandra Upreti, a wholesaler of the Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Market Development Board.

According to him, the supply of vegetables increased to 750 tons to Kathmandu Valley daily while it was limited around 300 tons until two weeks ago that led to a decrease their prices.

The supply of vegetables from Indian market has increased by two folds lately which helped in the fall of prices, The Indian vegetables occupy around 45 per cent of the Valley market at present, he said.

Out of total supplied, around 450 tons of vegetables is supplying from the various parts of the country, he said and added that around 300 tons of vegetables is importing from India at present.

The price of green vegetables increased significantly until a week ago due to short supply from inside the country and India as well.

The vegetables items including potatoes cauliflower, cabbage, chili, capsicum, bitter gourd, beans, okra, tomatoes, onions and lemon are supplying from India, he said.

The price of Indian vegetables was 50 per cent cheaper than the local vegetables, he said and added that consumers are willing to consume Indian vegetables instead of local due to their affordable price.

He said that the price of tomatoes in wholesale market decreased to Rs. 22 per kg at present while it was Rs. 110 per kg two week.

Price of per kg local cauliflower, cabbage, capsicum, beans, bitter gourds and okra reduced at Rs. 30, Rs. 25, Rs. 50, Rs.45, Rs.30  and Rs. 40 respectively.

He said that the price of vegetables would further decline significantly because the supply of vegetables would increase from the various part of the country in the days to come as the vegetable production season has started in the country.

Upreti, however, said that the price of onion did not decline in line with the other vegetables price as the price of onion has remained high in the Indian market because Nepal fully depends on India for onion.

The price of Indian onion stands at Rs. 85 per kg.

He, however, said that price of vegetables in the retail market could not decline in line with the wholesale market due to high profit margin of the retailers.