Construction of inter-country transmission line over, power import still uncertain

Kathmandu: Confusion remains regarding power import as no agreement has been reached from which company to purchase the power despite the completion of the construction of the Dhalkebar-Muzaffapur inter-country power transmission line.



The Power Transmission Company has already informed the completion of the transmission line construction and it is to conduct a trial run of the 132 KV capacity towards the Nepal sector. In a notice it issued on Wednesday, the Company requested observing caution in areas around the transmission line on the Nepal side.


Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and the Indian side are still to reach an agreement regarding the company to supply power, though the construction of the transmission line has completed. NEA and the Indian side have differences regarding the 'per unit cost', hence the confusion on power import.


Before this, agreement had been reached to purchase power from the PTC India. However, of late the Indian side has asked NEA to purchase power from the Viviann Energy Solution Pvt Ltd. The rate has varied while purchasing power from the old company and the new one, it is stated.


The NEA said that it has sent a letter to the Foreign Affairs Ministry through the Energy Ministry and urged it to make environment conducive for purchasing the power at previous price.


NEA Executive Director Mukeshraj Kafle said that they have urged the Foreign Affairs Ministry to create environment conducive to purchase the power in the previous price.


Nepal has to purchase 80 MW power at high price if India refuses Nepal's proposal in this regard.


Although agreement was reached regarding purchasing power in the Nepal-India Water Resource Secretary-level meeting held few days ago, discussion regarding the price of electricity was not held. India has made commitment to provide more 200 MW power to Nepal within one-and half years.


According to the Project, task related to transmission line construction has already been completed as agreement regarding purchasing 80MW power was reached in the Nepal-India Energy Secretary level meeting within February 16.


Company Secretary of the Viviann Energy Solution Company Ltd, Janak Prasad Dahal said that they would carry out test transmission from February 13 and power could be imported from February 16.


Secretary Dahal said that there is difficulty importing 90 megawatt electricity from the transmission line as agreed upon as the substation at Dhalkebar does not have enough capacity for the same.


The electricity authority has installed a transformer with 100 MVA capacities to import electricity from the transmission line as per previous agreement.


Dahal, however, said that although India is ready to provide electricity as agreed upon, but the lack of capacity of the substation at Dhalkebar has made the matter worse, adding that at least a transformer with the capacity of 220 KV should have been installed at Dhalkebar. RSS