AECC Nepal’s directors fraudulent activities, MD Sonu’s citizenship is fake


Kathmandu District court issued an arrest warrant against Lochan Kumari Harlalka, Chairperson of AECC Nepal on 6th Dec 2018 for banking fraud. She is mother of Sonu Agrawal and Ranjit Kumar Agrawal (elder brother of Sonu).

AECC Global is an Educational Consultancy which recruits students to Australian Universities with its head office on Melbourne, Australia and Sonu is the Managing Director (MD) of AECC Global and also an Australian Citizen.

On 8th Dec 2018, when Nepal Police deployed to arrest Lochan & Ranjit instead Police arrested Sonu who claimed to be Ranjit and after few hours Nepal Police later freed Sonu saying that he was arrested by mistake.

It is understood that Sonu made a financial arrangement with Nepal Police in order to let his mother Lochan and brother Ranjit escape from the country. Both Lochan and Ranjit are on a run from Nepal Police for almost 5 months.

Ranjit who has also previously been convicted to serve one month imprisonment in Nepal and fined Nepalese Rupees 53 Lacks for stealing Golchha Organisation, Hulas Power Truck.

On 7th Mar 2019, High Court Patan, Nepal refused to grant stay order on arrest warrant issued on 6th Dec 2018 to both Lochan & Ranjit.

Victims are demanding to arrest Lochan & Ranjit  and compensate for their losses and various Authorities of Government of Nepal (GoN) are investigating Agrawal family’s FRAUDS who have multiple cases lodged against them.

On a separate complaint filed against Sonu and his family who have acquired their citizenship fraudulently are also being investigated by various Government departments and it’s is understood that their family history of fraudulent activities have lead to discover their bogus Citizenship.