Capital market posts double-digit growth, turnover limit at Rs. 1.7 billion this week

Kathmandu: Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index posted a double-digit growth this week. The NEPSE index grew by 16.46 points to close at 1,440.29 points over the week compared to last week.

However, the transaction amount has decreased significantly by 36.79 per cent to Rs. 1.71 billion over the week compared to last week’s transaction.

A total of 174 companies traded their 4.1 million shares in 17,393 transactions to make a turnover of Rs. 1.71 billon over the week, according to NEPSE report.

Last week, NEPSE traded 6.47 shares worth Rs. 2.70 billion.

The sensitive index, which measured the transaction of group ‘A’ companies, also recorded a growth of 4.02 points to close at 3003.68 points over the week.

The sub-indices of all groups except manufacturing increased this week.

The sub-indices of commercial bank, development bank and finance group increased by 13.04 points, 18.83 points and 2.72 points to close at 1,244.95 points, 1,614.82 points and 735.74 points respectively.

Likewise, the sub-indices of hotel, hydropower, trading and other groups posted a growth of 36.87 points, 5.35 points, 1.69 points and 9.71 points respectively.

Similarly, the sub-indices of microfinance and insurance groups rose by 17.43 points, and 152.49 points respectively.

However, the sub-indices of manufacturing decreased by 18.2 points to close at 2506.8 points.

According to NEPSE report, Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited occupied first position in terms of the total turnover (Rs. 237.65 million), in terms of transaction numbers (1,475 times) and in terms of share transaction (199,000 shares).

The other companies that stood second, third, fourth and fifth position in terms of total turnover are Sanima Mai Hydropower Company (Rs. 93.66 million), Everest Bank (Rs. 80.12 million), Standard Chartered Bank (Rs. 62.66 million) and Nabil Bank (Rs. 48.62 million) respectively.

NEPSE registered bonus shares of Ngadi Group Power Limited (486,868 units), Sanima Bank (11,036,214 units), Nabil Bank (18,577,140 units) and Tourism Development Bank (1,710,775 units) this week

Like a total of 1,922,812 unit rights shares of Excel Development Bank has been registered in NEPSE this week.