Finance Minister makes govt commitment to development in Tarai

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Rajbiraj: Finance Minister Dr Yuba Raj Khatiwada has said the government was committed to the socio-economic development of Tarai-Madhesh, adding that the budget allocated for the infrastructure development in Tarai-Madhesh should be properly utilized.

At a programme organized by Saptari Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Monday, Dr Khatiwada said that development of railway line from Kakadbhitta to Bardibas would begin soon since talks with the Indian government are ongoing.

Dr Khatiwada also said that preparations are on to develop the East-West Railway and the postal highway is under construction in the Tarai-Madhesh for the infrastructure development.

Also speaking in the same progrmame, Revenue Secretary Shishir Kumar Dhungana said that the government was working to upgrade the customs office in Tarai-Madhes including the Kunoli Customs Office and Chhoti Customs Office.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Dr Khatiwada visited the Gajendra Narayan Singh Industrial Estate in Rupani Rural Municipality in the district today.
He visited the industrial estate after the complaints on operation of the factories following the paucity of basic infrastructures including electricity supplies, water and security.

After the visit, the Finance Minister suggested that industrial security force would be formed in Saptari district also like other areas in the country.
Likewise, Dr Khatiwada visited the taxpayers’ service office in Rajbiraj on Monday itself. (Photo available)