Karnali province plans to bring productive budget


Surkhet: Karnali Province Chief Minister, Mahendra Bahadur Shahi, has promised to bring a productive budget for the upcoming fiscal year 2075-76 BS (2018-19) .

During a regular press meet here today, he said the productive, not the distribution-based, was the priority of Karnali province.

Proper management of arable land, available herbs and other local resources would be priority of the province, as he briefed to the press meet.

It may be noted that the Karnali province had presented its policies and programmes for upcoming fiscal year on May 20. He took the time to share about the province ‘vision’ of transforming it into a ‘digital’ and ‘organic’ zone.

On a different note, he pledged to provide abroad higher study opportunities for five journalists from the province and organise inter-province visit programmes for media people as well.