Minister Pandit commits to shut plastic industries down

Kathmandu: Minister of Population and Environment Lal Babu Pandit expressed his commitment in controlling the production and distribution of plastic bags to make the environment clean and fresh.

It is necessary to control the production of plastic bags from environmental perspective but not from the industrial intention that directly affects the plastic –related industries, he said while meeting with the business delegation of the Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC) on Monday.

The business delegation of NCC led by its president Rajesh Kazi Shrestha meet the Minister Pandit and drew the attention over the growing pollution and affected in general life.

He said that the government would strictly band the public, tourists and government vehicles which were 20 years old from plying on the road to minimize the environment pollution.

The government has already announced to ban the 20 years old public transportation from plying on the road from March 15.

Minister Pandit urged the businessmen not to through garbage in road and outside and keep them in basket.

He also drew attention the businessmen to spread message among the public to keep garbage in basket for clean environment.

On the occasion, President Shrestha asked the government to adopt long term policy to minimize the growing pollution in the country.

He also said that the high quality of petroleum products should be used in vehicles to minimize the air pollution.