Minister Pun inspects irrigation projects

irrigation projects

Kalaiya: Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Barsha Man Pun has conducted a monitoring inspection of various irrigation and embankment projects in Bara district today.

On e of the embankment projects the minister inspected today is the Banguri Khola Embankment Construction Project. The government had constructed the structure following a massive flood in the Banguri Khola stream leading to displacement of locals in the area.

On the occasion, Minister Pun pledged further support on behalf the government.

Also today, Minister Pun inspected the Jamuni Irrigation Project near Dadarangawa, Kotwali and the Adhuwa Irrigation Project at Kachorwa. After the inspection, he expressed the commitment to take initiatives for the early completion of the projects so that the farmers would be benefitted to the maximum.

The inspection team comprised the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN)’s province no 2 president Prabhu Saha, in-charge Satya Narayan Mandal, provincial assembly member Mohammad Samir, leader Anil Shrestha among others.

Meanwhile, Minister Pun also observed the famous Gadhimai Temple here.