No health workers and medicines reach disease-ridden Badkule even after nine deaths

Jajarkot: Nine persons have died of cough and cold, and fever that have spread in the district for the past week, but neither health workers nor medicines have reached remote Badkule in the district so far. More than 800 people have taken ill.

Chief of a health post at Badakule, Hari Bahadur Singh said the stock of medicines for the diseases is empty due to an increasing flow of patients of the diseases.

The health workers and medicines dispatched from the District Public Health Office are yet to reach the affected site, he said.

Previously the dejected and irate locals briefly picketed the health institution to protest the failure to send health workers and medicines to the affected settlements.

The villages which the diseases have taken their toll on are approximately five hours walk from the health facility, and around 46 kilometers from the district headquarters. He said the health post receives more than 200 patients with viral on average on a daily basis. It received around 145 patients of the diseases on Saturday alone, he added.

Chairperson of Junichande rural municipality Krishna Bahadur KC said medicines have been supplied from the district headquarters to the affected villages.