Paddy production down to 5,151,925 tons this year

Kathmandu: This year 5,151,925 tons of paddy was produced in Nepal.

The Ministry of Agricultural Development has projected that the paddy production has decreased by 1.5 per cent this year compared to last year owing to floods and delayed plantation. Last year’s paddy production stood at 5,230,000 tons.

However, the yield per hectare land increased to 3.506 tons this year from 3.369 per hectare last year. Paddy was planted in 1,469,545 hectares of paddy fields across the country this year while it was grown in 1,552,469 hectares last year.

Flash floods in August last year had damaged around 25,000 hectares of paddy land in the Terai which is attributed to the decline in paddy production this year, almost by 90,000 tons

Although the ministry had projected paddy output to increase 5,400,000 tons from the record production of 5,230,000 tons last fiscal year, the floods affected the production significantly.

The ministry estimated that the production of maize increased by 9.4 per cent this year compared to last year.

Around 2,555,847 tons of maize produced this year from 954,158 hectares land this year. Maize is the second highest in crop yield in Nepal after paddy.

The production of maize increased this year due to rise in its cultivation area by 3.2 per cent, a report of the ministry said. The productivity per hectare of land increased for maize to 2.679 tons from 2.528 tons this year.

Likewise, production of millet rose by 0.02 per cent to 313,987 tons this year. Millet was grown in about 263,497 hectares of land this year.

Around 306,704 tons of millet produced last year from 263,497 hectares of land. The production of millet increased despite reduced area of plantation due to increased productivity of land. The yield of millet rose by 2.41 per cent to 1.192 tons per hectare this year from 1.164 tons per hectare last year.

Similarly, the ministry estimated that about 11,472 tons of buckwheat produced this year. The production of buckwheat decreased this year compared to last year.

About 12,017 tons of buckwheat produced last year. The decreased of buckwheat yield was due to decrease in its cultivation area.

Buckwheat was grown in around 10,296 hectares of land this year compared to 11,070 hectares last year.