Police hospital opens medical service to public

Kathmandu:  The Nepal Police Hospital opened an access to public from receiving medical services apart from its serving and ex-policemen from Sunday.

The government on May 8, 2017 had directed the Nepal Police Hospital to impart medical service also to the public.

Inspector General of Nepal Police Prakash Aryal inaugurated the service amidst a special function held at the hospital’s premises, Maharajgunj.

IGP Aryal said that the Headquarters did so by adhering the government’s order and upon the constitutional provision as it has mentioned that receiving quality health service would be the fundamental rights of every citizen.

“Now, it will also be our responsibility to manage access for the commoner rights for medical facility in the Nepal Police Hospital apart from ensuring safety and security in the society,” IGP Aryal said.

The regular medical facilities that are being enjoyed by our serving, ex and their families will not be affected after entering the public access to Nepal Police hospital, Aryal said.

Additional Inspector General and director of the hospital Dr. Dinesh Chandra Pokharel said that the outgoing patient service (OPD) for public will be available from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm only. However, the emergency and other emergency bed services to any admitted patients for public will remain all the time.

According to him, eight beds have been managed in emergency service, 10 each bed service to men and women and four additional bed service managed for patient who had undergone major operations.

Apart from these, the hospital will also provide laboratory test facility in equal price as received by the serving and ex policemen staffs. The price for OPD ticket was fixed Rs. 50.

Earlier, the Nepal Army had also brought medical facility up to the public access from the Army Hospital, Chhauni, after the government instruction.

According to director Pokharel the police hospital is currently imparting OPD services to 500 to 1,000 to its staffs. Now, 150 patients could receive all types of medical services getting admitted in the hospital at one time.